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Knauf joins the Light Steel Frame Association


The Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA) is the representative body for forward-thinking companies in the light steel frame market, and Knauf is proud to be the latest member. The body was established to influence legislation, regulation and to support the overall objectives and growth of the sector.


Knauf is a well-established brand operating within the market and can provide significant contribution to forum debates and discussions. As the LSFA takes a collaborative approach to promoting the use of steel frame technologies as an essential, sustainable construction material, Knauf intends to support the body with its extensive expertise.


Mandeep Bansal, Technical Advocacy Director for Knauf, elaborates on how the Company plans to drive discussion and collaborate within the LSFA: “As an industry, we need to ensure collaboration is always on the agenda, and the LSFA facilitates this in a manner which wasn’t previously available. It gives us direct involvement with significant companies within the sector so we can come together to influence industry changes in areas such as legislation.


“We want to aid industry evaluation and suggestion of legislature, and, at Knauf, we have the level of expertise necessary to provide positive contribution and insight to discussions.”


Knauf is increasingly involved with the offsite sector and light steel frames are ideal for offsite construction due to their lightweight, airtight and thermal characteristics. Light steel framing can be used in panelised or volumetric systems and can reduce build times and the amount of labour needed on site.


Charles Johnston, Business Development Director (Exteriors) for Knauf, explains the benefits of joining the LSFA for the Company: “The LSFA is growing year on year and as a big brand in this market, Knauf is delighted to be part of the organisation. We look forward to participating in the numerous events the LSFA hosts, engaging in discussion with other industry leaders and keeping up to date with the future direction of the sector.”


The LSFA was founded in Spring 2019 and has since grown to a membership of over 55 companies.



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