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Professional progression at Knauf – Emma Anderson


Emma Anderson first joined the Knauf family in March 2018 as a Despatch Administrator. Since then, Emma has never stopped displaying an incredible work ethic and positive attitude, leading to her being promoted twice.


It didn’t take long for Emma’s efforts to be recognised, and she progressed to Warehouse Coordinator in August 2018. Within this role she continued working as part of the same Warehouse Team, ensuring the warehouse logistics and operations were as smooth running as possible.


Part of the reason for Emma’s fast progression was how quickly she settled in with the Knauf family, and embraced the Knauf Values of Entrepreneurship, Commitment, Partnership and Menschlichkeit. Emma was also able to utilise previous experience of Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) software to help introduce new measures within the warehouse and elevate existing measures.  


One of these measures was designed to tackle despatch variances and a project team was put in place.


The success of this project in turn increased successful deliveries to customers and on time in full (OTIF) figures. Emma is quite rightly proud of this project and views it as one of her biggest achievements within the Warehouse Coordinator role.


Fast forward to April 2021 and this became a significant month for Emma: firstly, she was promoted to Site Support Manager, and second, she received the Employee of the Year 2020, Sittingbourne Plant award.


Emma has thoroughly enjoyed the learning curve throughout the first few months of her new role. Whilst continuing to oversee responsibilities she is already familiar with, Emma has also had to quickly learn about the intricacies of the Site Support Team, the Jetty Team and cleaning contracts.


One of the tougher components of Emma’s new role has been wrapping her head around the legalities of EU imported gypsum, and she has been hard at work to ensure this will all become second nature to her. Having to learn and understand laws is difficult at the best of times, and while we’re going through the Brexit transition there’s all the more to keep an eye on.


Finally, Emma has also been improving the monitoring of raw materials to ensure KPIs are met and reporting accurate.


Emma’s journey with Knauf is just one example of the great opportunities for progression that is available with the Company. With the right attitude and knowhow, there is room for both personal and professional growth for all of the Knauf family.



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