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Knauf Secrets: Smooth the way with Knauf Jointing


There’s more to drylining than just the boards and Knauf has the widest range of powdered and ready-mixed jointing products for bedding tapes and beads, and for finishing.


Developed by the unbeatable Knauf R&D Team, the range is designed to be easy to use on site and also has the added benefit of having a longer shelf life than competitor products (at least nine months): good news for stockists.


Powdered jointing products


The Premium powdered jointing range was developed following extensive research with contractors. The result is an easy to use range with a finer finish, great coverage and setting time options.


Knauf Fill & Finish Premium is a multi-purpose gypsum-based compound for bedding tapes and beads, as well as finishing. It’s available with either 30 or 60 minutes of working time and is available in 5kg or 10kg bag sizes – ideal for smaller projects.


Knauf Joint Filler Premium for bedding joints by hand application is an accelerated setting product, however its 90 minutes of working time should eliminate any waste caused by premature setting in the bucket.


Knauf Joint Cement Premium is a lightweight air-drying compound that can be applied by hand or machine. It gives an exceptional finish requiring minimal sanding. Site trials suggest this is a significant advance on alternatives available in the market and is ideal for larger contracts.


Ready-mixed jointing products


Knauf Fill & Finish and Knauf Fill & Finish Light are easy-to-sand jointing compounds designed for fast, easy application by hand or machine giving a smooth jointed finish.


Being ready to apply, these ready-mixed jointing products save time on mixing on site as well as eliminating dust in the preparation phase of a project. Knauf is therefore helping the environment through saving water use on site and also reduces costs.


Fondly known as ‘Blue top’ and ‘Green top’ in the market place, Knauf Fill & Finish (Green top) is a medium density covering 30m² per 20kg and Knauf Fill & Finish Light (Blue top) is a lightweight density giving extra coverage from the tub size (45m² from 20kg). Both give a superior finish.



Knauf Finishing products are included in Knauf System Performance Warranty and Gypsum Products Development Association (GPDA) Product Compatibility Statement.


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