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Knauf is delighted to support and promote the new Best Practice Guide from the Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS): Recommendations for the Safe Ingress of Plasterboard.


Musculoskeletal disorders are a major problem for construction site workers regularly handling construction products. The new guide is a great example of industry collaboration within the Finish and Interiors Sector to improve safety throughout the delivery and movement of plasterboard.


Knauf’s contribution was to provide a wealth of experience in supporting the development of mapping the journey that products take from factory to the point of installation – experience that has been gained by working closely with distributors, installers and contractors.


From this mapping process the task group then compiled detailed guidance as to safe handling procedures but, just as importantly, guidance as to how to effectively avoid risk at every point of the process.


The guide identifies who has responsibility at each stage and provides simple checklists to embed safe working practices. Download the full document at


We recommend this to all contractors, distributors and installers as a practical resource that will address a very real safety issue for the construction sector.

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