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Knauf Secrets: Knauf perforated plasterboard, creating a healthier and safer environment


Knauf perforated plasterboard is the ideal solution for large public spaces in retail centres, schools, showrooms, hotels, conference halls and theatres. Combining unrivalled sound absorption performance, Cleaneo technology and attractive design in one easy-to-install board for walls and ceilings.


Knauf perforated plasterboard reduces noise reverberation whilst enhancing the design of any space. Extensive perforation styles with different edge profiles and a variety of fleece colours give the specifier complete creative freedom, while the tested and proven sound absorption performance gives complete confidence; Class B, C and D sound absorption qualities available.


The plasterboards also come with Cleaneo technology as standard, reducing the amount of pollutants and odours in the air creating a healthier, safer and cleaner environment.


Indoor air can become contaminated in many ways. Everyday substances including paints and lacquers, cleaning and fabric-care products, perfumes, hair sprays, glues and solvents all create potentially harmful emissions, including a family of chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been linked to headaches, allergies and asthma.


Cleaneo technology is derived from a natural volcanic rock called Zeolite. When gypsum board containing dehydrated Zeolite is perforated, it purifies air as it streams through the perforations, removing unpleasant pollutants and leaving the air cleaner.


One option in the range is Knauf Akustikpanel which provides a unified expression through regular blocks of perforation.  Where a grid like design is desired, but there is no time for installing a traditional lay in grid ceiling system, Knauf Akustikpanel is the perfect solution.  Available with three types of edges, and a white, grey or black fleece, the design choices are endless.  One of the most popular Knauf Akustikpanel patterns was installed at Nailsea School, North Somerset (picture).

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