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Knauf Corridor 400 – For ceiling work that requires speed and social distancing


For narrow spaces where a fast installation needing minimum people is the priority, Knauf is delighted to present Corridor 400, a self-supporting demountable ceiling system, which is proving very popular where Covid-related restrictions on site are in place.


Knauf Corridor 400 acoustic ceiling is a unique ceiling solution for narrow rooms and corridors up to 2.4 metres wide.  


The gypsum ceiling panels are installed without any cross runners or suspension hangers, and are therefore extremely simple and quick to install. This effective acoustic ceiling is 3 times faster to install than a traditional T-grid ceiling in a corridor.  One person can install the steel angles to each side of a corridor wall, and lift in a free spanning and pre-painted rectangular Corridor 400 panel to span between the angles.   A classic MF ceiling system would require additional installation works within the ceiling void by the introduction of suspension hangers and cross runners before the application of perforated acoustic plasterboards being installed.


Click here to see how easy and fast Knauf Corridor 400 be installed:


Available with a choice of perforations for aesthetics and sound performance with up to an absorption class A, Corridor 400 panels are supplied in a white finish with no additional treatment needed allowing for a distinct unified look (although the surface is easy to paint if another colour is preferred).


Furthermore, the removable panels are made of recyclable materials and offer ease of access to services behind the panels during the build process and post installation.

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