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Knauf’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Knauf has published its third Gender Pay Gap Report; and is delighted to report that the Company has reduced its mean gender pay gap even further from 2019. Since last year’s report, there has been a significant reduction, and as at the snapshot date of 5 April 2019, Knauf’s mean gender pay gap is 2.6%. 

Although there is still a gap, Knauf is very proud of the progress made, and how the organisation compares with others in the manufacturing industry and the UK as a whole.

‘Knauf recognises the value a diverse organisation brings and is committed to promoting an inclusive culture and environment where everyone can flourish regardless of gender. We will continue our hard work in promoting not just Knauf as a great employer, but also that manufacturing and construction industries create fantastic career opportunities for women as well as men. This work includes particular focus on our future workforce by engaging with the young people of our local communities, both male and female.’  - Emma Delaney, HR & Sustainability Director, Knauf UK & Ireland.

Knauf UK’s median gender pay gap has also reduced again this year from 21.7% to 17.7% and these results are in line with other organisations in the manufacturing industry and in general according to national statistics.

Knauf UK continues to push gender equality initiatives; last year saw the ‘Women in Construction’ series that highlighted some of Knauf’s female workforce. The series of interviews looked at why construction is a great industry for women and encouraged those thinking about the industry to take a better look at the opportunities available.

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