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Here at Knauf, our customers are at the heart of our business. That’s why it’s imperative for us to gather your feedback to ensure that we are giving you the best possible experience.


We’ve developed a quick, easy-to-use survey which gives you the opportunity to tell us not only about our services, products and people, but also about the barriers you could be facing in the construction industry. You can tell us about your experiences in the confidence that your answers are submitted and stored confidentially.


Why is your feedback important?


We believe that in order to bring about positive change, we need to gather the thoughts of those it impacts the most, our customers. By identifying what we’re doing well and potential areas of improvement in our service, we can continuously exceed your expectations.


By identifying potential barriers in the construction industry, we can be innovative in our approach and find new, better ways of working. Your feedback could lead to new product development, improved operational efficiency or new ways of interacting with our customers.


Most importantly, we want to uphold a high level of quality customer service across the business when working with you.


What happens to your responses after the survey is completed?


Our Insights Team are dedicated to drive the innovation and growth of Knauf UK & Ireland by finding the solutions to your problems.


As the traction of this initiative grows, our Insights Team are excited to announce regular, ‘You Said, We Did’ segments across our social media channels, website and direct to you; ensuring we are in constant communication. This transparency will allow you to see exactly what your suggestions have helped to achieve.


Where can I find the survey?


Please visit to take part.


Any questions?


If you would like to gain more information about the Continuous Customer Feedback Survey, please contact our Insights Team by emailing: [email protected].


Have your say. Help us to Build for the world we live in.

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