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Knauf shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Voice of the Employee’ at the 2019 Engage Awards

Knauf are delighted to announce their shortlisting for the 2019 Engage Awards for ‘Best Use of Voice of the Employee’. The awards shine a light on organisational excellence and recognise individuals who have accomplished significant achievements within the fast-evolving customer and employee engagement market. The awards ceremony will be held this evening at Westminster Bridge Park Plaza.

The Best Use of Voice of the Employee (VOE) award goes to the organisation that has introduced an effective, sustainable and successful VOE programme. The programme ought to improve both understanding and insight of employees, their working lives and using it to improve its employee engagement offering.

Knauf understands that its employees are their greatest asset when it comes to being an industry leader. Part of their people engagement strategy is to make sure that all people feel part of the family straight from induction. New employees receive a welcome pack including a welcome video from the Knauf MD, a cup of tea or coffee and a Kit-Kat to enjoy whilst watching the welcome video.

New employees are also encouraged to meet long-serving employees when Knauf invite them to two ‘long-service induction’ lunches a year where awards are handed out. This brings employees from different parts of the business together and helps to forge new relationships.

Knauf have partnered with Perkbox to enable the Company to better engage, recognise and motivate all of its employees.  Perkbox is a team happiness platform that gives staff access to over 200 perks!  Plus it offers a bespoke recognition programme where employees can recognise each other and other teams when things are going well.  There is a survey element too for the measurement of employee engagement.

Furthermore, Knauf rolled out its mental health campaign in March 2019, holding mandatory workshops and recently introduced mental health first aiders into the workplace. Since April 2019, they have had a counsellor on site every week to address confidential issues of their employees.

All these measures have helped to create a sense of purpose, direction and togetherness amongst employees at all tiers of the hierarchy. By focussing on internal engagement, Knauf has implemented a ‘winning attitude’ amongst its employees and created a ‘winning environment’. All employees have the right capabilities and desire to be successful and Knauf does everything it can to facilitate this success.

For more information on Knauf and its initiatives, hear what its employees have said:

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