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I was recently invited to attend a one-day Airless ready-mixed spray-applied finishes training course with Knauf. I’m a self-employed decorator and I hadn’t had any previous experience in plastering before so I was a little worried I might look a bit silly, but the Training Services Manager Chris quickly put me at ease.

We started off with an introduction to what Knauf Airless is and the different range of products that Knauf have to offer. Going through the theory first was really useful as it helped me know what to expect when it was time to do the practical – although the regular cups of tea from Chris also helped a lot!

I have been interested in learning how to plaster for some time but I was worried it would make a pre-existing shoulder injury worse: I’ve heard lots of horror stories about the physical pain traditional plastering techniques can cause. However, when I learned about Knauf Airless I realised this might be something I could do – after all, I already use spray paint so it didn’t seem like too much of a jump to learn this method.

Chris was very patient and explained everything clearly. It wasn’t long before I was able to use the spray machine on my own with only a little help with using new tools to skim off excess product.

Knauf Airless ready-mixed finishes was much easier to use than I expected and I’m interested in learning more so I can make this part of my full-time job. I’ve been a self-employed decorator for nearly three years now and I’m always keen to learn new skills. Many of my clients feel more comfortable having a woman in their home so being able to offer both plastering and painting services in future will be a big help.

It’s not always easy being a woman in the construction industry and I’ve definitely had my fair share of comments. I’ve got quite a thick skin so I try not to let it get to me, although you do find yourself wondering would you get the same reaction if you were a man? At the end of the day however, what matters most to me is providing for my family so learning new skills is an important part of maintaining a profitable business.

I had a fantastic day at Knauf and I will definitely be back for some more training. I would recommend the Knauf training schools to other women working in the industry so they can also benefit from the training I’ve had.


The Knauf Learning Zones offer a wide range of CITB accredited one- and two-day courses. The other courses on offer include taping & jointing, renders & external wall insulation, and metal suspended ceiling systems. To see the full range of options available and to book, visit the Knauf website:

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