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Knauf, the UK’s leading manufacturer of lightweight building materials and systems, is introducing a radical new render system, Knauf MineralAktiv, to the UK market. Designed to inhibit the growth of surface algae and fungi, the system addresses the most common problem associated with render finishes using a patented biocide-free composition.

The clean contemporary aesthetics offered by render is a popular choice for specifiers, but the cool and often damp climate of the UK can quickly lead to disappointing discolouration because of the growth of algae and fungus on the surface.  Some products tackle the problem by including biocides in the formulation, but this approach offers only a temporary solution as the biocide effect wears off over time.

Knauf MineralAktiv, on the other hand, addresses the root of the problem by providing a naturally inhospitable environment.  Fungus and mould both need damp and neutral PH conditions to flourish, so the formula of MineralAktiv addresses both of these issues.

A long-lasting hybrid binder maintains high alkalinity for years while advanced moisture management works in combination with an IR absorber raising the surface temperature, increasing evaporation and limiting moisture on the render surface. These two characteristics ensure the finish remains bright and clean for years without the need for regular cleaning.

Knauf MineralAktiv consists of a top coat and paint which can be used independently or in combination for maximum protection.  Suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects, Knauf MineralAktiv is available in 230 colours described in the Knauf Colour Concept Chart.

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