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Artist and sculptor Will Cruickshank has utilised the product benefits of Knauf Plaster to create amazing works of art that are currently being showcased at Aspex Gallery’s summer exhibition, Push & Pull in Portsmouth.

Cruickshank’s work, a series of tank/bottle shaped sculptures, combine the Knauf product with coloured threads and are manipulated using his own machinery to work the materials.

Knauf’s range of plasters dry white, rather than the traditional pinky colour of alternative plasters in the market, and this enables Cruickshank to easily add other colour pigments to his work.

The Push & Pull exhibition alludes to the relationship between material, machine and maker and reflects a process grounded in discovering by doing, by making, and in ideas of thinking through making. Cruickshank’s work explores the boundaries between sculpture, craft and design.

Those wishing to see his work in the flesh have the opportunity to experience the sculptures at an intimate Coffee and Conversation event during the exhibition which runs up to September 16th.

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