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Technology has drastically changed the face of the UK construction sector, bringing new materials and systems which have helped designers and architects to make the most out of the space available. Knauf boarded cladding system using AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor is one such option, providing design flexibility and performance benefits as an alternative to traditional brick and block façade systems.

Boarded cladding systems make for thinner and lighter walls which can be built much faster than traditional methods. These can also be constructed offsite in a safer environment making these thin, lightweight cladding systems, a preferred option over heavy and slowly constructed brick façades.  What’s more, the board systems provide a base for various finishing options, providing scope for designers to create inspiring buildings.

Boarded systems have further benefits. They are delivered to site in smaller and lighter packages making for easy delivery, storage and movement around site, reducing CO2 and health & safety issues.  They can also be fully recyclable during construction and after the building is no longer needed.

The best benefit for housebuilders is the amount of extra space created when using boarded cladding systems instead of traditional blockwork.  Designers will always be restricted by the outer footprint of the building due to planning; therefore the thickness of the walls used to create the fabric and cladding of the building can make all of the difference to the space allocated to occupants. The fabric of the walls – using a fabric first approach such as timber frame, SIP or SFS systems – is effectively the same, so the choice of cladding is key.


Using a blockwork and render finish, the wall cladding thickness ends up at 165mm, including a 50mm cavity, 100mm of blockwork and 15mm of render.  This is built outside of the fabric first principle structure.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor is becoming an increasingly popular option for a rendered or brick slip boarded cladding system because of the possibility to achieve a slimmer wall thickness of 43.5mm (replacing brick and block).  This reduction adds an extra 121.5mm to the floor plan of the building which equates to net lettable / saleable floor space.  While every building is different, a typical 80 to 100m2 house will gain an extra 4.5 to 5m2 - the equivalent of 5% floor space.

Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor is the ideal render carrier board, providing a durable, weathertight solution for a number of external applications. The boards are easily curved, allowing for striking architectural features to be easily constructed. Furthermore the BBA certification provides peace-of-mind to architects and designers when specifying the product. This independent certification means the system will be accepted by new build insurance providers.

Our Technical Services Team at Knauf is available to assist with any AQUAPANEL® specification questions and application guidance.  For further information, contact Technical Services on 0800 030 4135.


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