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Growth in spray applied plastering methods is accelerating and we appear to be reaching a tipping point in the conversion from traditional application.

An increasing number of plastering firms such as DB Rees Drylining Ltd in Kings Langley, have already made the switch.

Business owner, Michael Rees, saw the opportunity as a chance to break into a new and growing market where the skills of his team could be put to best use.

“The finish quality that we were getting from traditional plastering methods was costing us money returning to site to fix issues,” explains Michael. “We also saw a general switch from tape and jointing jobs to full skim so we were missing out on a lot of work but saw this as an opportunity to switch to an airless system which is easier than traditional plastering and gives a better quality finish.”

There are a number of benefits of adding spray plastering to a business, from increased speed and efficiency to guaranteed product consistency and superior finish quality.

As the market leader in readymixed plaster solutions, Knauf has revolutionised the plastering industry and now offers a range of training and demonstration options to contractors looking to get into spray plastering. Qualified Knauf technicians can deliver on site assistance as well as training days at the Knauf HQ in Sittingbourne.

For Michael and his team, a demonstration day with Knauf resulted in the company purchasing a spray machine for future use.

“We took four guys on a demonstration course and they really liked the product so from there we decided to take the step and invest in a machine. Knauf offered us really good support and help in setting everything up.”

“Of course, it was a bit of a risk at the start to fork out the investment but I did my research and with the durability of the machines it made sense. These machines can also be used for applying paint so with the resale value we decided to take the plunge and purchase the machine.

“We have just the one machine at the moment and we will be looking to get another machine for the future,” explains Michael. “Initially we thought about hiring a machine but the cost of hiring for a month was the same as what we would have lost in the resale value so we decided to lay out the capital. I did a lot of research into spray plastering and was quite confident that it would be a good product. It has been a risk worth taking and it gives us a niche in the market and will help us to win new business going forward.”

Managing Director at Shepway Ceilings, Paul Gavin, shares a similar story to Michael, adding spray plaster to the company’s offering three years ago.

“We have now added spray plastering as a component of our business in an effort to offer a full package for our customers,” Paul explains. “Following our introduction from Knauf we purchased a machine and soon after picked up our first project. Since then we have developed a relationship with one client that is a little more avant-garde in its practices and because of the environmental and efficiency benefits of the Knauf products they liked the idea of specifying this new technology.”

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