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We have grown our reputation through making sure we focus on the environments in which our products are employed – working together to develop the solutions our customers seek; challenging preconceptions of what is possible and always open to new ideas.

We recognise the importance of the buildings in which we all live, work and relax. We spend 90% of our lives inside buildings, so it is of the utmost importance that the homes we live in, the hospitals where we care for our sick, the schools in which we educate our children and the offices in which business operates are world class. Safe, comfortable, sustainable and enjoyable.

The extensive portfolio of products and systems from Knauf UK & Ireland is developed to support that vision.

As a business, we look to the future; building on the knowledge we have acquired with a planned programme of research and development to make sure we continue to keep ahead of current thinking. Experimenting, testing new solutions and working ever more closely with our partners at every stage of a building project: the designers, distributors, contractors and users to make sure the developments we work on are genuinely innovative, relevant and progressive.

Looking to the future also means that our business must be sustainable. We are always conscious of the wider consequences of our actions, both today and tomorrow. In terms of our operation we work hard to minimise our impact on the environment and are proud of our recycling, waste reduction and energy efficiency initiatives.

Furthermore, we recognise that our business is only successful if the people who work within it are supported, encouraged and inspired. Our employee development programmes ensure that every individual is offered the opportunity to learn and progress both professionally and personally. The result is an exceptional team.

Technical expertise is the foundation of our business, but this has to operate hand-in-hand with a secure focus on our customers. We work hard to ensure that our support, service and customer relations functions are responsive, accommodating and resourceful. We proactively seek feedback at every opportunity, ensuring our customers have a fast and easy route to pass on comment and suggestions which are then used to inform further development.

There is always more to do. Every business must continually improve to keep ahead. We are constantly evolving to meet new challenges and capitalise on new opportunities while never losing sight of our ultimate goal: to Build for the world we live in. Now, tomorrow and for the future.