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Who is Knauf

Who Is Knauf

We are one of the leading manufacturers of gypsum-based building materials in the UK. 

We are proud to be a part of the Knauf Group, one of the largest independent building materials manufacturers in the world.

We sell plasterboard, finishes, metal sections, flooring, external  renders, insulating laminates, drywall accessories and more.

The Knauf Group

Knauf Group1

Knauf is a multinational, family-owned company based in Iphofen, Germany well known for drywall gypsum boards, founded in 1932. The company is a producer of building materials and construction systems for drywall construction, plasterboard, cement boards, mineral fibre acoustic boards and insulation.

Knauf Capabilities

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We have a long and proud history of manufacturing and producing the highest quality building products. Knauf has two manufacturing plants in the UK - one in Kent and one in Northeast Lincolnshire. We are one of the largest producers of plasterboard in the UK. 

Clerkenwell Showroom

Knauf Clerkenwell showroom

Knauf Clerkenwell is the first Knauf showroom in the world. It is a stunning example of how our products and systems can be used to create a visually stimulating yet functional environment. It is a destination for inspiration and collaborative working with the architect and design community.

Knauf History

Knauf History
The Knauf Group is able to look back at a long and exciting history. Over many decades, the Knauf Group has successfully completed the transition from a pure family-run company to a globally operating family of companies – while retaining its fundamental Knauf Values.


It all started in 1932, when two brothers and mining engineers Alfons and Karl Knauf secured the mining rights to gypsum deposits in the Schengen community (Obermosel) in Germany. The project was quickly crowned with success: by 1933 Knauf’s first gypsum factory was established in Perl (Moselle), Germany – and this factory is still the nucleus of production technology for the worldwide Knauf Group.


The founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949 was also a time of new beginnings for Knauf – coinciding with a milestone in the company’s history as the company relocated from Perl to Iphofen in northern Bavaria.


Iphofen and leadership in innovation. In Iphofen growth of the family company as an innovative partner in the building materials industry accelerated. For example, Knauf created completely new construction methods with the production of fully new gypsum boards in 1958.


In 1978, Knauf laid the cornerstone for its insulation materials division, an area that is still very important today: Knauf took over a production facility for glass wool insulation material in Shelbyville (USA).


At the beginning of the 1980’s, another significant change was on the way: Nikolaus and Baldwin Knauf, sons of the founders, took over management of the Group – and, with their consequent continuation and implementation of the company’s philosophy, had a significant share in Knauf’s growth.


Constructed in 1988, the Sittingbourne Plasterboard plant was brought on line from a green field site in less than twelve months. It is currently one of the fastest running production lines in Europe and has become a model for a new generation of Plasterboard Plants for the Knauf group.


Following the success of the Sittingbourne Plant, construction on a second UK Plasterboard manufacturing facility commenced in 1990. Based on the banks of the River Humber, the Immingham plasterboard plant services the North of England, Scotland and the Irish market.


Knauf now has 150 production facilities and sales organisations in over 60 countries, 26,000 employees worldwide, and sales of 6.3 billion. Knauf UK extended its product portfolio into Floors, Exterior Renders & Facades. It also introduced innovations into the market such as Designboard products and ready-mixed spray plaster.


Knauf Clerkenwell is opened.

Services & Support

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Field-based Area Sales Managers and Project Specification Managers teams, alongside an office-based Customer Services department, are on hand to provide information on ordering the products and day-to-day customer support.
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    Design & Technical Service

    Our Technical Support Officers (TSOs) work hand in hand with our Design Engineers and Project Specification Managers (PSMs).

    The TSOs answer technical enquiries from customers, installers, and other contacts. Our Design Engineers have extensive knowledge of exterior systems and work closely with TSOs to answer questions related to exteriors, steel framing systems (SFS) and facades

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Need to order or find a stockist?   

Knauf stockists

Contact our office-based Customer Services Team. 

They are on hand to place orders for customers, day-to-day customer support and advise on local stockists.

Technical & Specification Support

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Contact our local Technical & Specification Service team. 

Located throughout the UK & Ireland.

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