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Wall Linings

Our versatile range of wall lining systems makes it easy to produce a high-quality, high-performance finished wall regardless of the background. Whether your priority is acoustic control, fire resistance, minimum stand-off, maximum service cavity space, high insulation or to support tiles, we have a solution already designed to suit.

Direct Bonding and Metal Furring

Knauf Direct Bonding and Metal Furring Linings are the simplest and quickest of drylining systems to install. They are suitable for most brick, block and concrete backgrounds and will work with a wide range of Knauf Plasterboards.

Wall Liner

The Knauf Wall Liner System is extremely versatile and can be specified for application on masonry backgrounds with moderate irregularities between 20mm and 125mm. It can accommodate any of the range of Knauf Plasterboards.

Independent 'I' Stud

Knauf Independent ‘I’ Stud is a fully independent wall lining system that can be used in
all building types to upgrade the acoustic, fire and thermal performance of an existing masonry wall and to deal with any irregularities.

Insulating Laminates

The Knauf Insulating Laminates range is designed to instantly enhance thermal
insulation, for both wall and roof linings. The range offers a fast and effective way to comply with Building Regulations and work towards the Code for Sustainable Homes.


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Build for world we live in