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UP 310

UP 310

UP 310

Reinforcing basecoat render

Knauf UP310 is a fine aggregate cement reinforcing basecoat render, suitable for all situations where high impact resistance is required, such as plinths and basement areas. Knauf UP310 should be applied onto medium weight blockwork greater than 6N in density. Knauf UP310 can also be used onto previously primed substrates such as lightweight block and brickwork.

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Variant Details

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Product name
UP 310
Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Material Number EAN
- - - 30 00009723 4003950000379
  • Product Name
  • Width (mm)
  • Length (mm)
  • Thickness (mm)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Material Number
  • EAN
  • UP 310
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 30
  • 00009723
  • 4003950000379