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Principle Architect: Squire & Partners

Delivery Architect: TW-2

Developer: JTRE London

Subcontractor: Conneely Group


Early collaboration with Knauf enabled delivery architects TW-2 to achieve specification by integrating Knauf specialist drywall systems into the overall design of a prestigious residential and commercial development in London.


Triptych Bankside in Southwark is a mixed-use development designed by London architects Squire & Partners. Three striking, sculptured buildings with undulating curves comprise two residential towers featuring 169 high-end, luxurious apartments with outdoor spaces and private amenities, an office building, and retail and cultural facilities.


This was a complex project with multiple contractors, manufacturers and designers. For the interiors, proper integration for the wall systems and the overall design was critical.


Through early engagement with Knauf, TW-2 was able to successfully create a specification which streamlined and simplified installation.


Photo: Triptych Bankside by JTRE London 

The support from Knauf was invaluable as Vikki Knight, Architectural Designer at TW-2 explained: "After the initial wall specification with Knauf, the technical advisors and Project Design Manager, Stuart McNeil, remained on hand to answer my queries relating to changing design requirements and provide useful details and wall spec updates throughout the project."


As a result, a combination of Knauf products has been installed in the residential towers by drylining and façade specialist Conneely Group. Knauf Soundshield Plus has been used on the ceilings to enhance acoustic performance and provide the necessary levels of fire resistance. 


Richard Cockerton, Contracts Manager from Conneely Group agreed on the benefits the Knauf system brought to the build. “All the products worked seamlessly together, both in terms of specification and installation. It made meeting the strict building safety requirements easier. When it came to working on site, having the Knauf team available to answer questions on wall detailing or systems was really helpful.”


Photo: Triptych Bankside by JTRE London 

The Knauf Isolator system divides the individual apartments and communal spaces. This twin stud system combines high performance plasterboards to ensure the maximum acoustic performance. The fully integrated Independent 'I' Stud wall lining system has been used in limited access areas for services and pipes, and to improve wall acoustic and thermal levels.


Inside the apartments, Knauf Performer partition systems were specified between rooms with staggered partitions constructed between kitchens and bedrooms or where sound reduction was needed. Different board solutions, including AQUAPANEL® for wet rooms and areas with tiles and PIR laminates, complete the drywall systems and achieve enhanced levels of thermal insulation.


Photo: Triptych Bankside by JTRE London 

Externally, the Knauf AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor was specified as the substrate for a render finish in some external areas, such as where service risers went through the rooftops or in separated plant areas. The product is unaffected by water and offers the levels of noise and fire protection required by high-density residential buildings such as Triptych.


Vikki Knight concluded: "Knauf was integral in assisting us with ensuring high standards were met and Building Control requirements achieved through the correct allocation and technical detailing of their products."


The development's name reflects its distinctive architecture with the three sculptured buildings. It is based on the meaning of Triptych - a set of three associated artistic, literary or musical works intended to be appreciated together.