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Knauf ProRoll

Knauf ProRoll is a ready-mixed roller applied plaster for quick and simple jobs, from repairing uneven patches on walls and smoothing out textured surfaces such as stippled ceilings. All you need is a 9 inch medium pile paint roller and a medium length spatula for a perfect final finish. 

You can buy ProRoll at Wickes or Encon Insulation. Distributors and merchants can order directly from us

How to apply Knauf ProRoll:

There are two products in the range:

ProRoll Max

  • Roller applied backing plaster
  • Create a smooth finish over textured backgrounds
  • Easy to sand
  • Use with ProRoll Light for a perfect finish
  • Apply in coats of up to 2mm thick, but up to 4mm maximum when using multiple coats
  • For a textured background, you would be looking to use a maximum of 4mm ProRoll Max (two coats) and 1mm of ProRoll Light
  • 10 litre tub

ProRoll Light

  • Roller applied finishing plaster
  • Provides final finish
  • Easy to sand
  • Use with ProRoll Max to smooth uneven surfaces
  • Apply in coats of up to 1mm thickness, up to a maximum of 3mm in multiple coats
  • 10 litre tub

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