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Passive Fire Protection range

The Knauf Passive Fire Protection range slows the spread of fire through wall and floor penetrations in buildings.  

The range is a fully certified solution for drywall installations, if installed to Knauf guidelines.

It is available to specify from January 2018.


  • Fully certified solution when installed according to Knauf guidelines
  • Suits all wall penetrations such as pipes and conduits
  • Uses UV traceable technology, allowing inspectors to use UV light to see that correct materials have been installed
  • 100% Knauf system warranty
  • Gives peace of mind
  • Excellent technical assistance and support


The range includes:

Knauf Fire Batt

Used to reinstate openings in Knauf partition systems to maintain the required fire resistance and assist with the acoustic capability of the wall.

Knauf Fire Mastic

This seals linear joints between Knauf Passive Fire Protection products and the substrate.

Knauf Fire Mastic Brush Grade

Knauf Fire Mastic is also available in a tub for easier application on larger surfaces.

Knauf Fire Mastic HPE

This is an intumescent, pressure-exerting mastic used to seal combustible pipework up to 125mm diameter.

Knauf Fire Pipe Wrap

An intumescent, pressure-exerting strip designed to wrap around pipes that penetrate through the Knauf partition system.

Knauf Fire Cable/Ducting Encasement

A rectangular metal casing lined with intumescent material for use around plastic ventilation or cable ducting when installing through Knauf partition systems.

Knauf Fire Sleeves

For use when installing pipework through Knauf partition systems – the Knauf Fire Sleeves have an intumescent lining within the metal sleeve that expands and crushes the heat softened plastic pipe in a fire situation, completely sealing the potential path for fire.

Knauf Fire Collars

These are purpose designed in two hinged halves to retrofit around pipes as they pass through Knauf partition wall systems.

Knauf Putty Pads

Sheets of intumescent, mouldable putty designed for use inside and outside plastic electrical sockets.

Related products

Knauf Fire Panel

Offers superior fire protection (available in 12.5mm thickness). Pink paper faces, available in tapered or square edge.

Knauf Fireboard

A fleece-lined plasterboard available in a wide range of thicknesses to provide up to two hours of fire protection in a structural steel encasement. Available from 15.0mm thickness

Knauf Vermiplaster

An interior fire-resistant plaster specifically designed for both spray and hand application.

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  • Get in touch with a Project Specification Manager to discuss your requirements.

  • Available to specify from January 2018.


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