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Knauf MineralAktiv

Knauf MineralAktiv is a new generation render top coat and paint system designed to stop the growth of algae and mould on building facades.

Features and benefits

  • Contains an infra-red absorber that keeps the façade surface warmer and helps water evaporate quicker
  • Longer-lasting protection against mould and algae
  • Reduced maintenance costs as no need to clean the façade as often
  • Available in 230 colours
  • Biocide-free formula is better for the environment and more durable
  • Hybrid binder, high alkalinity, longer stability
  • Suitable for new builds and refurbishments
  • Uses patented Knauf technology

Product information

Knauf MineralAktiv is a system made up of two products:

  1. MineralAktiv Scheibenputz is a 1.5mm grain render top coat applied to the façade of the building.
  2. MineralAktiv Fassadenfarbe is applied on top of MineralAktiv Scheibenputz and is available in 230 colours

Product data sheets will be available to download soon


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