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Liberal Democrats back green energy construction

Liberal Democrats back green energy construction

The construction of more green energy installations is a key feature of the Liberal Democrat election manifesto, as part of its target to ensure 60 per cent of electricity in the UK is generated from renewable means by 2030.

It has said it will immediately give the go-ahead for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon, as well as backing other wave and tidal energy projects. Offshore wind will continue to get support, but the party also proposes to allow the building of onshore windfarms in England to resume, after this was stopped by the Conservatives.

While environmentalists may be pleased to hear the Liberal Democrats do not support fracking, they will be disappointed if they hoped the party would say no to more nuclear power. Instead, they back new projects, but have stipulated that these will have to be built entirely with private cash as no public subsidies will be forthcoming.

The environment will be a consideration in other infrastructure spending, with the party pledging £100 billion of extra investment. The National Infrastructure Commission will have to consider this issue when recommending projects.

This extra spending will include some money delegated to local decision-making, with promised support for developments like the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine, in addition to new revenue-raising powers being given to regional bodies.

Several major rail programmes will be supported, with the manifesto promising that HS2 will still go ahead, as will ongoing rail electrification. The party has also confirmed it will support Crossrail 2.

The latter point will please the London Chamber of Commerce, which made support for Crossrail 2 its biggest demand in its own 'manifesto' published last week. It called for the main parties to commit to the project, and so far Labour and the Liberal Democrats have both done so.

With the Conservative manifesto being published today (May 18th), it will soon be clear if all three parties are behind the scheme.

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