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How Knauf is leading the way with driver safety

How Knauf is leading the way with driver safety

Leading the way with improved driver safety, Knauf engages with road safety charity Brake to support our initiative of ‘Distraction Free Driving’.


Driver safety is often the biggest risk many of our workers face, yet is often overlooked as we all drive every day, mostly without incident, yet the chance of us being involved in a vehicle incident is usually far greater than the hazards most of us face at work.


The distraction of driving on a phone (either held or hands-free) has been shown to be worse than drinking certain amounts of alcohol. Driver reaction times are 30% slower on a hands-free phone than driving with a blood alcohol level of 80mg alcohol per 100ml blood (the current limit in England and Wales), and nearly 50% slower than a driver not on a phone. Drivers on any phone are four times more likely to be in a crash that causes injury. They have slower reaction times and difficulty controlling speed and lane position. 

Improving the safety of our employees 

In July 2017 we introduced a new policy ‘Distraction Free Driving’ where we do not use mobile phones at all whilst driving company cars.  To ensure successful implementation, we consulted widely with our field based team and put in place measures to support changing behaviour and working practice.

Brake partnership

We partnered with Brake, the road safety charity, to help in supporting our initiative. Brake has provided advice, support and presented at our recent conference on the value of distraction free driving and adopting a greater awareness of road safety issues.


Our recent incident figures (reportable incidents/accidents) were down 32% from 2016, and our road traffic offences down 50%. 

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