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Gatwick unveils new five-year spending plan

Gatwick unveils new five-year spending plan

Gatwick Airport is set to spend £1.15 billion over the next five years on an array of projects to expand its capacity and improve its services.

This financial year alone will see £240 million being spent on improvements, with schemes including the bringing forward of a £66 million plan to resurface the existing runway.

In addition, £100 million will be spent on adding more parking space, £10 million will go on a partnership with Boeing to build a new hangar and there will be a £150 million extension to pier 6. An enhanced arrivals facility is also on the way.

Discussing the plans, Gatwick’s construction director Raymond Melee said: "Since coming into independent ownership, Gatwick has delivered record growth in passenger numbers and long-haul services, while also taking passenger satisfaction levels to an all-time high.

"As we plan to grow towards 50 million passengers per annum, we will focus on efficiency and service."

He also stated that the airport is ready to deliver another runway "in addition to or instead of Heathrow, should the government give us its support now or in the future". Gatwick has been bound by an agreement not to build a second runway made in 1979, but it only stretches to 2019.

A range of other plans are budgeted for, although timescales have not been laid out in each case. One example is a £31 million commitment to improving the Gatwick Railway Station at some point.

The benefits of improving rail links to airports have been recognised elsewhere too. 

Luton is pushing ahead with a rail link between the terminal and the Luton Airport Parkway Station, while this week saw East Midlands Airport offer to invest £2.5 million in enhancing the East Midlands Parkway Station, so that it can run more services to and from the various towns and cities of the Midlands.

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