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Croydon skyscraper wins planning permission

Croydon skyscraper wins planning permission

Croydon is about to become home to one of the tallest skyscrapers in Britain, after planning permission was granted for a 68-storey tower in the south London town.

The Lansdowne Road project will include three interlinked towers of 11, 41 and 68 storeys respectively, with these providing 794 homes and 35,000 sq m of office space. The existing buildings at the site will be demolished to make way for the new development. 

It is the second time developers Guildhouse UK and Rosepride have attempted to gain planning permission for a huge skyscraper on the site, with permission being refused last year for a tower that would have been a storey higher and have contained 917 flats, with just over 22,000 sq m of office space. 

The new tower will be 236 m (774 ft) tall when completed in 2022, which would make it a metre taller than the One Canada Square tower at Canary Wharf, formerly Britain's tallest. The only taller building in Britain at present is the 1,016 ft Shard, although other towers are being built in the City of London that will be higher than the new tower in Croydon. Therefore, the status of the tower as the second tallest in Britain may be very short-lived. 

However, the construction of such a huge skyscraper outside inner London will transform the Croydon skyline. The town does already have some impressive tall buildings, but only one of them - the 134 m Saffron Tower - meets the 100 m height criteria to be classed as a skyscraper. It was completed in 2015. 

Several skyscrapers are currently under construction in the City of London, including 1 Bishopsgate, which was designed to be just over 1,000 ft tall but will now be slightly lower due to restrictions on the height tower cranes can rise to; the building will stand in the flight path of London City Airport.

Others include the 1 Leadenhall building, which gained planning permission in January and will be slightly taller than the 580 ft Gherkin.

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