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Politicians 'must commit to end housing crisis'

The UK's politicians must commit to end the nation's housing crisis within a generation.This is according to the National Housing Federation (NHF), which believes this would be a solution to the problem of a growing number of people living in increasingly unaffordable private rented accommodation.David Orr, chief executive of the organisation, claimed rented sector tenants are currently paying the price for a housing crisis that has been allowed to develop for decades."Unless we build the affordable homes we desperately need, ordinary working families and young people will continue to struggle to pay their rent, and will have less and less money left to cover basic bills like food and heating," he stated.“We need a long term plan from politicians to put this right. We’re calling on all political parties to commit to end the housing crisis within a generation," Mr Orr added.He was speaking in response to research from the NFH, which found the cost of living in the private rented sector is becoming increasingly unaffordable.It found many parts of the UK, particularly in the south-east, are now catching with London in terms of high rents.For example, Three Rivers in Hertfordshire was revealed as the most expensive place to rent outside the capital, with the average rent accounting for more than half of tenants' typical income. Areas such as Oxford, South Buckinghamshire and Brighton were also found to be less affordable than London boroughs such as Greenwich and Lewisham.The NHF cited research from YouGov that found 31 per cent of parents say the cost of renting has prevented them from sending their children to their preferred school as an example of the detrimental impact this is having.Some 46 per cent of parents claimed it is unlikely their children will be able to afford to live in the area they grew up in.The NHF warned that unless more affordable houses are built, rents will continue to increase and the problem will only grow. 

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