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Consultation launched on Ebbsfleet garden city

Communities secretary Eric Pickles has invited people to share their views on the setting up of a new development corporation that will oversee the creation of the Ebbsfleet garden city.The corporation will facilitate forward development, coordinate investment and address the issues that have prevented work from getting underway at the site.In addition, it could act as the local planning authority, determining planning applications and working alongside councils to deliver affordable housing in accordance with regional plans.The consultation, which was published yesterday (August 11th), invites views on the geographical area where the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation will operate, the composition of its board and the planning powers it will be granted.Ebbsfleet has long been recognised as a site with great development potential, as it possesses large amounts of brownfield land and excellent transport links - it is just 20 minutes from the capital.Despite these obvious virtues, progress at the site has stalled for decades. In 2012, the government announced a new deal to secure investment in the local road network to support the proposed homes.Plans are now in place for 15,000 residential properties at Ebbsfleet and the government is also making up to £200 million of infrastructure funding available to help initiate work on the garden city.The communities secretary announced the appointment of Michael Cassidy CBE as chairman designate of the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation.Mr Cassidy will provide the focus and direction for the project. He is chairman of the City of London Property Investment Board and has extensive experience in a range of roles across the business and industry sectors."The development at Ebbsfleet is an exciting prospect, finally bringing to life an area where progress has been slow for many years and delivering the high quality homes and jobs that local people need," Mr Cassidy said."I look forward to working with local communities to create a place where people choose to live and lay down their roots." 

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