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Floating homes planned for Reading

A new plan has been drawn up to construct floating homes on the edge of a lake near Reading.Floodline Developments, which is based in Woking, has submitted proposals for a public consultation on the 220-home development, which would feature 'can-float' houses skirting the edge of Theale Lake, GetReading reports.The houses are designed to rest on the edge of the lake and would only float when the water level rose due to flooding.They have already been tested and are based on designs currently in use in Holland, Germany, Canada and the United States.If the plans are approved, the company will construct energy efficient three, four and five-bedroom family homes on the lakeside. The properties will be designed to promote healthy lifestyles and to encourage residents to participate in outdoor activities in the local area.The scheme would result in better public access to the canal and lake, with new footpaths, cycleways and open spaces.A nature reserve would also be created, along with an expansion of the Burghfield Sailing Club, while improvements would be made to road infrastructure at Burghfield Common and Burghfield village. The consultation will take place at Burghfield Common Village Hall on Recreation Road on Saturday July 19th from 2.30pm to 5pm. Justin Meredith, managing director of Floodline Developments, said: "We are very excited about this plan and want to hear what people living locally think of it. If there is opposition, we would like to hear what it is."Floating homes are one possible solution to the flooding problems that have afflicted the UK in recent years. Technology from countries that regularly experience such problems, such as the Netherlands, could be used to mitigate the effects of extreme weather events.In 2012, London-based Baca Architects won permission to build Britain's first amphibious house on the banks of the River Thames in Buckinghamshire.The three-bedroom home has a reinforced concrete basement and is held in a dock made of four guideposts. When flooding occurs, the property is able to float up to the water level. 

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