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Govt outlines boost to brownfield housing

The government has provided more information on plans to boost the number of homes built on brownfield sites.Chancellor George Osborne last week unveiled proposals to increase the number of properties built on such sites in his Mansion House speech.Councils are to have a prominent role in the brownfield building initiative, putting in place local development orders which will provide outline planning permission to speed up the development of new homes.Investment of £400 million from the government and the Greater London Authority has been pledged to support 20 new housing zones on brownfield land in the capital. Outside London, £200 million is being provided for ten housing zones.The chancellor said: "I will not stand by and allow this generation, many of whom have been fortunate enough to own their own home, to say to the next generation: we're pulling up the property ladder behind us. "So we will build the houses Britain needs so that more families can have the economic security that comes with home ownership."The government claims its reforms will deliver up to 200,000 new homes on brownfield sites across the country. It says local development orders will cover 90 per cent of the sites suitable for planning.A new £5 million fund is being set up to support local development orders and the mayor of London is to be given additional powers to remove planning obstacles.Safeguards will remain in place and councils will be required to consult local people and take account of the needs of their local communities before approving new developments.Regeneration work on existing housing estates is also set to boost the supply of new homes. A prospectus has been drawn up outlining how developers can bid for a share of a £150 million loan to invest in regenerating the country's social housing estates.The schemes will increase the numbers of properties available, improve their quality and create more potential for private investment. 

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