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New homes plan causes controversy in Oxfordshire

The villages of Radley and Kennington in Oxfordshire are at the centre of a planning row after a proposal for 700 new homes was criticised by some locals.Some 20,560 new homes - which is almost 7,500 more than first planned - are included within the Vale of White Horse District Council's local plan, and there is a suggestion for 700 of these to be built on three Green Belt sites in and around the villages, reports the Oxford Mail.Up to 200 new properties are being put forward for land on the northern edge of Radley, while 240 more could be built on the Abingdon side of the village.The final 270 are earmarked for a road on the southern edge of Kennington, which some believe would threaten the green boundary that currently separates the two villages.Indeed, Radley residents have suggested the individuality and character of their village could be lost if the new homes are constructed.Of course, the UK is in urgent need of thousands of new homes in order to deal with the country's growing population and sites all around the country will need to be used if the demand is to be met.But Radley Parish Council chairwoman Jenny Standen said the Green Belt is important as it has always acted as a protective barrier for the village. She said people living there are horrified by the thought of it being removed.The council said the planning proposal would allow an 80 per cent rise in the number of homes in the area over the course of 15 years.But the existing schemes - as well as a proposal for 400 more homes north of Dunmore Road and 200 at Lamborough Hill - would put pressure on the local community and existing infrastructure. 

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Build for world we live in