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Brits offered interior design tips

Property owners across the UK could benefit from the insight of a design expert when it comes to making their home as attractive and stylish as possible this year.

This is where Sara Corker, director of Sara Corker Designs, comes in. Ms Corker has highlighted some of the biggest trends in home improvement and interior design for 2013, with many people embracing digital printing on walls and canvases to give a unique sense of their own design ethos.

Pictures of family and friends or interesting photographs can make excellent interior design additions, with the latest technologies making it easier than ever to become a designer yourself.

She commented: "People want to be different. They are fed up of having the same as their neighbour so as soon as the newest gadget comes out, they are onto it.  

"The same can be said in the interior world.  We like to show our clients new gadgets to make their life easier, whether it be remote switches that open and close the curtains, put on the music and control the temperature, or simple things like practical storage solutions."

According to Ms Corker, concrete is another material that has gained a new lease of life in terms of its use in the home over recent months.

Indeed, it has multiple uses in the home - from feature walls, worktops, flooring or ceiling fittings - and therefore many Brits are now really embracing this once much-maligned material.

Her comments follow those of Jaimie Kendry, interior designer and director of Jaimie K Designs, who recently stated many people are also taking up the challenge of creating their own knitted and embroidered household items to help to add a sense of warmth and comfort to their homes.

Handmade articles are indeed all the rage at the moment, with cushions, bespoke focal pieces and unique furnishings all helping individuals to make their property stand out from the crowd. 

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