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Homeowners 'embracing minimalism'

Homeowners across the UK have embraced a sense of minimalism when carrying out improvements to their kitchens in recent months.

Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, claimed many people have been investing in sleek and modern interiors of late - an aesthetic that also benefit from the installation of new smooth drywall.

He commented: "The modern kitchen has become as much of a 'social' centre as it is a culinary arena. White appliances are even more popular than stainless steel ones, although the latter is the principal surface for wardrobe or American-style fridge/freezers with built-in iced water facilities."

Indeed, minimalism is being embraced as it helps to keep these important areas of the home as clutter-free as possible, while at the same delivering a functional and stylish place to hang out, prepare food and socialise.

Moreover, there is also a growing trend for energy-efficient appliances. There is a wide range of green kitchen equipment now available, and with budgets being squeezed many Brits are looking to reduce their carbon emissions and bills by investing in sustainable appliances.

Denoted by coloured tags, homeowners can now easily understand the efficiency ratings of their kitchen equipment, meaning it is easier than ever to get both green and stylish appliances to add the finishing touch to kitchens.

Meanwhile, individuals considering taking on DIY home improvements have been urged to research their project thoroughly before getting started.

Paul Minderides, a professional tradesman from Wickes, argued extensive planning can make the difference between a good job and a great one, while also helping Brits to ensure they carry out improvements as swiftly and easily as possible.

He said: "Out of the one in five people who botch a DIY job, half of them then have to employ a professional to come in and rectify these mistakes. In a lot of cases that is upwards of £160, on average." 

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