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Planning 'the most important part of DIY'

Homeowners keen to take on more DIY tasks around the home have been advised of the most important step in any project - effective planning.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It magazine, said the main issues people have to contend with when undertaking a new DIY project include ensuring they set aside enough time to complete the job properly.

Indeed, too many properly try to fit tasks that would take a weekend if done correctly into an afternoon and this invariably leads to cut corners, shoddy workmanship and in some instances, the need to call in professionals to put right these mistakes.

Furthermore, homeowners should start small and work their way up to bigger tasks. They should start with projects like resealing the bath or painting a wall - as this will help to build their confidence and ensures when they do take on larger jobs they do not become overfaced.

Ms DeSouza commented: "Plan, prepare and do things properly. You need to know as much information as possible about the task at hand before carrying it out. Get some books and read up on the job, or get a specialist magazine that may give you some insight and explain the exact tools and materials you need to purchase in advance."

Finally, she added that DIYers should always have the right tools for the job, as failing to have the proper equipment can lead to poor results.

Meanwhile, director of the National Home Improvement Council Andrew Leech earlier this week highlighted the importance of individuals being aware of all safety advice concerning the tools they use when carrying out DIY tasks around the home.

He stated: "They should make sure they carefully read all instructions and, if they are unfamiliar with a machine, product or material, always insist on a demonstration. Also they should very carefully acknowledge all safety advice." 

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