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Homeowners advised on flood defences

With ongoing heavy rain being witnessed across the UK and flooding already having taken hold in a number of areas, Brits are being advised on some measures that could help to safeguard their property from harm.

Ian Crowder, a spokesman for the AA, said that individuals living in at-risk areas of the UK for flooding should consider floodgates on doors, while breather devices can be installed above air-bricks to seal off this entrance into the home for any flood waters.

"To protect your home relatively inexpensively, you can have a non-return valve put on your sewage system," he advised.

"Often an unpleasant consequence of flooding is that it first manifests itself as surges through the sewage system which can be unpleasant if it comes into your house via a downstairs toilet."

Mr Crowder added that there are a number of things a homeowner can do if they have been the victim of flooding - the first being to contact their insurer to check they are covered.

However, this is not always the case and since the major floods of 2007 which affected homes across the UK, premiums for this type of cover have risen.

Mr Crowder concluded: "It cost the insurance industry £2.5 billion to repair homes and businesses following 2007 flooding."

Currently, the Environment Agency has 39 flood warnings in operation across the UK - predominantly in the Midlands, north of England and Wales. At the same time, flood alerts have been issued for 48 areas of the country.

A warning relates to the expected imminent flooding of an area, while an alert means homeowners should be prepared for flooding, but there is no immediate risk.

The situation now appears to be improving across the country though, as 86 warnings and alerts have been downgraded over the last 24 hours. 

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