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Unfinished DIY 'affects 14m UK households'

Approximately 14 million households are adversely affected by unfinished DIY and construction jobs around the home. This is according to a new study by, which found 61 per cent of Britons have projects uncompleted, with bathrooms and kitchens the most likely culprits. The survey polled 3,200 families and found these 'Never Ending Renovation Dramas', or Nerds, can be a part of some households' lives for more than three years. And such Nerds can result in a negative atmosphere around the home, causing arguments, insomnia and even panic attacks. Phil Spencer, property guru and ambassador for, said unfinished refurbishments were all too common, adding: "My advice is that you only take on projects you can realistically complete." Examples of common problems that properties face included half-fitted kitchens and painting two walls in a room without going on to finish the other two. This often results in people being too embarrassed to invite guests into the house, with occupants blaming a lack of knowledge for completing the task, having no time or sudden changes in financial security. Some individuals also complained about disputes with neighbours over issues of DIY planning. While the majority of homeowners overcome these issues within six months, 16 per cent of respondents admitted they had allowed DIY projects to remain unfinished for up to three years or more. Another recent survey by the organisation found installing a new bathroom was the most popular home improvement task, with 16 per cent of those asked prioritising it as their next expenditure. Redecorating and replacing the kitchen followed in second place, with ten per cent of homeowners considering these renovations. The data showed that 27 per cent of jobs cost between £2,000 and £4,000, while a further 24 per cent of people are willing to pay up to £8,000 for their refurbishments. 

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