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Wet rooms 'gaining popularity with Brits'

The creation of wet rooms is a popular trend with UK homeowners at present, with the addition of these spaces seen as highly aspirational at present, a sector expert has revealed.

Roger Crabb, marketing manager for Mira showers, said many Brits have holidayed abroad and stayed in luxuruy hotels and villas where they have been exposed to the joys of the wet room.

As such, many individuals have brought these aspirations back to the UK and are now installing this luxury fitting into their own home as a result.

However, Mr Crabb noted the installation of a full wet room can be extremely complicated and costly - as the room has to be completely watertight - and as a result a number of more affordable options are now coming to the market.

He commented: "A lot of manufactures now have shower enclosures where less frame is used. Rather than an aluminium tray all around the door or the panels, there's less frame and therefore, it's effectively just glass."

This provides homeowners with a much more open feel in the bathroom without the need for the full expense of a wet room. Mr Crabb claimed these wet room-style fittings enable Brits to create a space that is almost identical to traditional wet rooms, but at a fraction of the cost and effort.

Meanwhile, Mr Crabb noted last month that a growing trend for sleek design elements is creeping into bathrooms across the country at present.

He argued: "In the UK, many bathrooms are no bigger than two metres by two metres and many people are just trying to maximise the space."

As such, the use of mini-valves, fully-integrated handles for furnishings and the use of glass are all exceptionally popular this year, with sleek minimalism the order of the day for many homes. 

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