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Brits 'continue to add value through bathrooms'

Homeowners across the UK continue to look to their bathrooms to add value before planning a sale, it has been revealed.

Tim Wood, director at British manufacturer Mereway Bathrooms, said many people see the bathroom as an area where value can be greatly added to a home and in many cases, this is thinking is correct.

He commented: "People are still spending money on bathrooms, although the economic situation has meant that people are buying smarter in that the buying decision is being made only after very thorough research.

"We are seeing an increased spend if anything, which we believe is due to a considered purchase of a high-quality bathroom that adds value to the home, rather than a quick bathroom makeover with a view to selling the house."

Mr Wood added that much has been move of the 'improve not move' mantra in recent years and this has resulted in many people creating their own personalised spaces in their property.

Furthermore, the attention to detail that Brits are giving to designing a bespoke and stylish bathroom is indicative of this trend, as people will want to create a space that both adds value but at the same time is easy to live with, functional and attractive.

Indeed, people are now focused on creating bathrooms that they can enjoy in the present, but that will also age well and still be adding value to their home in years to come.

Mr Wood's comments follow those of Susan Quirke, managing director of architecture and design practise Quirke McNamara Consultancy, who recently argued that many people are embracing the wet room trend at present, especially men.

Indeed, she argued that tastes typically differ greatly between the sexes, with men more interested in personalised sink areas and wet rooms, while women tend to be more interested in fitting luxury baths. 

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