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Future bathroom trends exposed

Homeowners across the UK are beginning to focus more closely on the style and decor of their bathrooms and the major trends that are set to emerge in the coming years have been highlighted.

Susan Quirke, managing director of architecture and design practise Quirke McNamara Consultancy, said in terms of style there are set to be a few features that men and women will place different weightings upon when creating their ideal bathroom.

For men, the focus is likely to be on the creation of a wet room area and the inclusion of their own sink space, while for women, luxury baths are set to become the order of the day for many.

Meanwhile, improved lighting and the inclusion of glass walls are set to become ubiquitous prerequisites for a stylish bathroom and the trend for installing TVs and other entertainment devices is also to continue.

She commented: "People are still spending money on areas such as speakers in the bathroom or lighting to set off the space. However, they will now look at less expensive fittings such as shower heads and taps, but look at more expensive tiling or wall features so there are different variants."

Ms Quirke added the use of underfloor heating and demisters is also likely to become more popular, as Brits look to create a cosy and comfortable sanctuary from their daily stresses.

Her comments follow those of Tim Wood, director at Mereway Bathrooms, who recently claimed creativity in the bathroom is something that has really taken off over recent years, with imaginative layouts and the use of increasingly bold design choices helping to make these spaces as individual as the people who own them.

"Customers are using bold colours in combination with different finishes to make a strong style statement," he noted. 

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