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Brits 'getting creative in the bathroom'

Property owners across the UK are becoming increasingly creative when it comes to updating and revamping their bathrooms, a sector expert has claimed.

Tim Wood, director at British manufacturer Mereway Bathrooms, said a much wider colour palette is being taken into the bathroom at present, as gone are the days when homeowners would stick with the classic creams and whites.

He commented: "We are seeing people becoming increasingly creative and really imaginative with their bathrooms; in particular, customers are using bold colours, in combination with different finishes to make a strong style statement."

Mr Wood added that veneers are also becoming increasingly popular as Brits look to add a touch of personality into their bathroom spaces, with crocodile, zebra and snakeskin designs all coming to the fore at present.

Shape is also playing a key role in updating boring bathroom design in many homes across the country, with interesting additions such as J-style handles for doors to give a sense of spaces without handles and smooth, sleek lines - replicating many of the popular designs that continue to be prevalent in UK kitchens.

Finally, striking reds, lime greens, gloss blacks and whites are set to take over as the dominant colour choices in bathrooms this year, Mr Wood concluded.

His comments echo those of Robert Carslaw from Robert Carslaw Design, who recently noted the overriding economic downturn that continues to grip the UK has meant many people have become much more resourceful when kitting out their homes, in particular their bathrooms.

However, he advised against following trends, claiming: "When I look at bathroom magazines, the trend seems to be one of gloss, shine and glitz, my view is that that 'trends' should be avoided at all costs! Not only do they last for a short time, more often than not, they are impractical and do not function for practical use." 

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