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Only professionals 'should tackle electricity and plumbing'

Only individuals who are fully trained and competent in dealing with hazardous systems in the home should attempt to carry out works on electrical or plumbing systems, it has been argued.

Jason Orme, editor at Homebuilding & Renovating, said people have to be very careful when dealing with things like electricity and plumbing, as not having the proper knowledge to carry out a job properly can lead to serious injury and damage to the home.

Indeed, those attempting to repair or maintain these systems have to be very careful with the jobs they do at all times, and being a layperson means most homeowners will not have the necessary skills to carry out this sort of DIY task safely.

He commented: "There is some work that you can do that doesn't require building regulations approval or specifically the services of a Gas Safe-registered plumber.

"If work involves gas or electrics then it really should be carried out by an approved plumber or electrician."

Meanwhile, research from Bosch Group has revealed the summer is often the best time for UK homeowners to carry out an annual overhaul of their boiler and heating systems, as the warmer days and nights mean these systems will not get as much use at present.

Indeed, failing to have regular checks carried out by a qualified plumber and boiler technician could mean these systems will break down later in the year when they are really needed.

However, interior designer and TV presenter Julia Kendell recently argued there are a number of tasks around the home that can be easily carried out by those who are not professionals, such as retouching mortar on the outside of homes or weather-proofing buildings.

Indeed, Ms Kendell noted people could make considerable savings by tackling these straightforward jobs themselves and avoiding the costs of calling in a professional.

She claimed: "I think people should start off with jobs that are fairly straightforward and build up their confidence." 

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