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Layout design 'should feature a relaxed approach'

Homeowners planning an overhaul of the layout of their property should take a relaxed approach in order to make rooms more comfortable, it has been claimed.

Alex Albiol Prades, designer at, said larger rooms in particular should be free-flowing and inviting in order to promote a sense of luxury and space in which homeowners can live in comfort.

He commented: "We suggest clean lines and details, the concealment of storage - to use all available space - and the use of light and reflective finishes or surfaces to help bounce light around.

"Lighting is key and it is wise to have some kind of feature light or finish to give the room definition and personality."

Mr Albiol Prades added that there has been a growing trend of open-plan design in recent years and this has brought about a shift in people's attitudes towards layouts.

Gone are the days when homes would be split into myriad smaller rooms and now the popular choice is for homeowners to enjoy a single open-plan space which is multifunctional and inviting.

He noted bathrooms have also seen a greater focus from those looking to overhaul living spaces, with a trend for richer finishes and colours in order to promote a greater sense of wellbeing and opulence.

According to recent comments from interiors journalist Ellie Tennant, many UK property owners are benefitting from the rise in access to video and other resources offering detailed instructions on how to carry out simple home improvements.

New technologies have opened up DIY projects to individuals who in the past may have been daunted by a lack of knowledge. However, they are now able to gain instruction from online sources and other media in the best approaches to tackling these tasks, which in turn has led to more people taking on DIY projects around the home. 

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