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DIY 'could be the right choice' for UK homeowners

Many UK homeowners are unnecessarily turning to tradespeople to carry out simple home improvements when they could make significant savings by taking on these tasks themselves, a sector expert has argued.

According to interior designer and TV presenter Julia Kendell, jobs like touching mortar on the outside of homes is a simple DIY job that could see people weather-proofing their home for years to come at a fraction of the cost of calling in professionals.

She commented: "There's still very much a fear factor for people, particularly with outside jobs like filling in a pothole in the driveway or mending a dodgy patio slab, that sort of thing. They're not glamorous jobs."

"I think people should start off with jobs that are fairly straightforward and build up their confidence. There's nothing worse than starting a job you're not sure you're going to get finished."

Ms Kendell noted planning should play a key part in the preparations for taking on any DIY job, as many people can lose the will to carry on if they do not understand the extent of a project before getting underway.

As a result, Brits are advised to get a quote from a tradesman before taking on large-scale projects, as this will give them a better idea of what is involved and whether they have sufficient will and time to do it themselves.

However, Ms Kendell conceded there are a number of jobs which homeowners really should be looking to get in a professional to carry out, including plumbing and electrics work.

A recent poll carried out by Tarmac Building products revealed that more than a third of Brits avoid taking on DIY projects, as they are scared of making costly mistakes that will require a professional to come in and put things right.

As a result, the poll showed that more than a third of the population regularly get in tradespeople for simple tasks, with this group having spent on average £950 in this area in the last three months alone. 

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