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Homeowners advised of sustainable technology benefits

UK property owners have been advised of the cost and environmental benefits of embracing sustainable technologies, most notably ground source heat pumps and underfloor heating.

Director of renewable energy solutions provider Gr33n Derrick Wilkinson said the two technologies work extremely well in combination to help homeowners bring down annual heating costs.

Indeed, Mr Wilkinson noted the fact that ground and air source heat pumps are able to use the ambient outside temperature to heat and cool a property means homes can be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter for less.

Furthermore, those looking to make further savings are advised to couple these systems with underfloor heating, as this helps to maintain a constant temperature within the home and can be a great way for Brits to simultaneously increase their green credentials while cutting their outgoings on increasingly-expensive utilities.

Mr Wilkinson commented: "Newer builds are obviously a lot easier to size for, but it's all based on heat loss rather than sizes of properties.

"So a new build where you can insulate properly and get your heat losses down is much easier to work with. It can still be done with a refurbished property, but obviously we do struggle to size it if it's got massive heat loss."

Mr Miller added that despite this, any property could be made to be more energy efficient, it is simply a matter of installing the right systems.

Meanwhile, co-founder and sustainability and communications director of Sustain Worldwide Gordon Miller recently noted UK property owners could soon receive a premium for homes that have been fitted with sustainable upgrades.

He argued those looking to purchase property are now showing a greater focus on the energy efficiency of any prospective buy and therefore, installing systems like ground source heat pumps or other green measures could be a savvy investment.

Moreover, Mr Miller concluded this trend is only likely to grow in the future. 

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