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DIY 'encourages Brits to be creative in their home'

UK property owners are being more creative with the type of DIY home improvements they are tackling, which is a positive development in the property sector, it has been claimed.

Paul Minderides, a professional tradesman from Wickes, said many people are incorporating elements of art into their DIY projects in order to inject a greater sense of fun and their own personality into the decor and fabric of their home.

He commented: "I think that it is really great that people are trying to get creative and put a twist into a normal DIY job."

Mr Minderides noted more people are getting involved in DIY activities and they are coupling this with an artistic flair.

For example, many homeowners are now creating murals based on classic artworks, although anyone considering such an undertaking is advised to ensure they cover all carpets and areas they do not wish to get paint on before starting such a project.

In this way, people do not run the risk of causing damage to their furnishings or other decor.

Other projects which could help people to make their home more personal include up-cycling, whereby they take old pieces of furniture or ornaments and reinvigorate them with a personal touch.

Furthermore, Mr Minderides added that there is one DIY task that all property owners should be able to tackle if they wish to consider themselves as proficient in DIY and that is the ability to change their own radiators.

"It really is something that a keen DIYer should be able to tackle. What you will be left with is a modern radiator which uses less water, which you can control at the thermostat and it should save you some money over the year," he argued.

The process is relatively simple, he noted, although anyone who is not confident in their skills should probably avoid this type of project and call in a professional. 

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