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Brits advised on complex DIY tasks

UK homeowners planning to take on complex DIY tasks like electrics or plumbing have been advised to only undertake such jobs if they have the relevant experience and know-how.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It + Home Improvement magazine, said the extent of the task will have a bearing on whether individuals should realistically be tackled as DIY tasks.

For example, people who are adept at DIY may not find it difficult to replace a pipe that has become corroded or move a few pipes in a bathroom, but jobs like fitting a whole bathroom suite or rewiring a room should almost always be left to the professionals.

She commented: "You really need to think 'am I confident in doing this and have I had experience of doing this before?' If the answer is 'no' you should really think about getting an expert in or calling someone with expert skills to help you."

Ms DeSouza added that if homeowners are not qualified in electrics they are advised to completely steer clear of this area, as making a mistake with electricity can not only lead to expensive damages to the property but it could ultimately put their life at risk.

Indeed, those who are not qualified will not have the proper understanding of how these complex tasks should be carried out to be in line with UK building and safety regulations.

Meanwhile, a recent Guardian article highlighted calls from the Royal Academy of Engineers (RAE) for the upskilling of individuals working in the UK's plumbing industry to ensure there are enough qualified workers to carry out environmentally-friendly home improvements under the government's incoming Green Deal initiative.

At present, not enough plumbers are trained in Green Deal installations, which could result in many homeowners having to put off works or attempt to carry them out themselves.

Scott Steedman of the RAE told the publication: "The Green Deal needs to be implemented very carefully or it could be just a mad scramble for DIY equipment." 

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