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Buyers 'are attracted to new-builds'

Individuals looking to purchase a property in the UK are currently extremely attracted to new-build homes due to their energy efficiency and other environmental credentials, it has been claimed.

Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation (HBF), said people are continuing to invest in new-builds as these properties are typically cheaper to run for homeowners, require less upkeep and there is no need for DIY projects to make a home more habitable.

He commented: "There are also a lot of incentives in terms of new kitchens et cetera or things within the house that are going to benefit the consumer.

"New-builds are an attractive proposition because of the steps that house builders are taking to ensure that their product is competitive."

Indeed, Mr Turner noted developers are currently pursuing numerous methods to make new-build properties more attractive, as the higher the demand for these homes then the better their business will perform.

There is also a lot of assistance in terms of financing that is being offered to buyers of new-build homes at present, with schemes in place to help people with moving or legal fees when they are taking on a new-build property.

Mr Turner's comments follow the recent announcement by the HBF of the organisation's backing for the government's new National Planning and Policy Framework document.

HBF executive chairman Stewart Basely commented: "The proposals are sensible and will balance a community's housing needs against environmental and other considerations."

He added the system now needs to be implemented quickly to start tackling the country's acute housing crisis.

It aims to boost the number of new-build starts that take place across the country by placing the onus on local councils to determine suitable areas for development in order to meet the property needs of their residents, while the scheme will also place a burden of responsibility to ensure all new projects are carried out in a manner which is not harmful to the environment. 

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