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Inaccuracies in Building Forensics report

Inaccuracies in Building Forensics report

The above Company has recently issued statements including a video presentation on the subject of contaminated or toxic plasterboard.

There are a number of serious inaccuracies in Building Forensics’ reporting as it relates to the UK and European plasterboard markets, and in particular, to Knauf Drywall’s products in the UK.

In 2005 and 2006 due to shortages of supply in the US plasterboard market, created by hikes in construction activity, the US industry imported product from a number of sources.

One of these sources was China and from a number of individual manufacturers of which Knauf Plasterboard Co Ltd (KPT) was one, supplying no more than 20% of the total Chinese sourced product.

KPT has worked, and continues to work, closely with its customers in the US and the US Consumer Protection Authority to resolve issues which have arisen in relation to Chinese sourced product. KPT is endeavouring to obtain settlements in the USA in court proceedings which cover the homes where KPT plasterboard was used.

At no time has KPT exported products to the UK and Europe.

Any suggestion that we have supplied Chinese sourced product into our local markets is untrue.

To clarify our position, Knauf Drywall manufactures branded plasterboard in the UK through its own factories and its products are rigorously tested under the quality standard ISO9001 for which it has accreditation. As part of this standard all products are fully branded, including date, time and place of manufacture for ease of traceability.

As such there has been, and continues to be, no possibility that plasterboard originating from China could enter the UK supply chain through Knauf Drywall.

Furthermore the UK and Irish gypsum industry, represented by the Gypsum Products Development Association, issued statements in May 2009 and in March 2010 reaffirming that no Chinese sourced plasterboard has been supplied through its member companies into the UK and Europe.

Given the GPDA’s extensive knowledge of the UK and the European plasterboard markets, there is no reason to suspect that any plasterboard of Chinese origin has entered these markets from any other company.

The suggestion that the UK and Europe have similar issues to those in the USA is completely without foundation. In these circumstances, whilst Building Forensics’ desire to market their services is understandable, their statements are alarmist.

We will be monitoring any future statements and will, if necessary, take the required action through the Courts.

It is therefore with absolutely certainty that we can reassure you that all our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards and are fit for purpose.

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