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Knauf recognises that our purchasing decisions impact upon society and the environment well beyond the immediate scope of our own operations. We are committed to ensure that we deal with suppliers who also recognise their responsibility to the people they employ, the communities they affect and their impact on their local and global environment.

This policy draws upon the commitments made in other aspects of our integrated approach to corporate social responsibility. We will comply with the laws related to our activities and will work with our suppliers to ensure that we continually reduce our impacts on people and our environment.

● Knauf takes pride in the products and services we provide and we recognise that the true measure of our quality will always be judged through the eyes of our Customers. The confidence that our Customers have in our products, services and in our people, ultimately defines the success of our business through their continued decisions to purchase from us.

● It is our policy to maintain a quality system which aims to continuously improve the performance of the business to ensure that our products and services conform to the quality needs of our customers, that they fulfil the requirements of their intended use and that they are supported by a prompt, efficient and friendly service.

● Our quality system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and quality objectives are established and reviewed annually by the Management Team.

● It is a key objective of the Company to empower our people in the area of quality, as we recognise that it is through this that we give ourselves the best chance of ensuring that our Customers’ requirements and expectations are fulfilled.