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Knauf is thrilled to announce that it has added 100% gas powered trucks to its haulier fleet in partnership with Nicholls. The new Iveco trucks use Bio-LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) which reduces their CO2 emissions by up to 95%. 

Knauf started using LNG powered trucks with Nicholls in early 2020 but as the two companies renew their partnership for another 3 years the number of gas powered trucks has increased significantly.  



The new trucks offer the same performance and driveability as diesel powered models but achieve significant carbon and air quality improvements. HGVs running on gas are also around 71 dB quieter than their diesel equivalents enabling deliveries without compromising local noise levels. 

Bio-LNG is liquified bio-methane, a gas derived from waste produced by the agri-food industry, farm and household waste, or from sewage sludge. This purified biogas possesses all the properties of natural gas and is a source of renewable, clean alternative energy. 

Lucy Hall, Sustainability Leader at Knauf said: “At Knauf we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We have committed to a minimum target of 2.5% carbon reduction per year to enable us to reach zero carbon by 2050. Partnering with Nicholls to convert our haulage fleet to run on natural gas is just one of example of how we are working towards achieving that goal.” 

Knauf LMG Truck Rear Image

Nicholls has made a significant investment in, not only starting to replace its diesel fleet with LNG vehicles, but also installing an LNG refuelling station at its site. A third of Nicholls’ fleet are now LNG vehicles and it has the only LNG truck refuelling station in the southeast.  

Nicholls is an IVECO ambassador for the UK. This commitment from Nicholls demonstrates its commitment to our environment and the importance of continuous innovation. Nicholls has been shortlisted for the Low Carbon award at the Motor Transport Awards 2022. 

The new branded Knauf LNG trucks will be on the road this summer. 

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